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A preventive maintenance program, an OSHA requirement, will reduce downtime and minimize operating costs. Omitting operator error, a precise and detailed program will reduce downtime significantly, which, in turn, will increase your material handling productivity. American Crane Works has a comprehensive proactive maintenance (PM) program that can be customized to your equipment. Depending on your equipment's classification and environment, monthly to annual PMs are available and can be scheduled around your company's operation.

A proactive plan puts you in a position to utilize your normal downtime to perform the maintenance and corrective maintenance on your equipment. The benefits of this plan allow you time to order and receive necessary repair parts that were found worn or defective from previous inspections or maintenance work and from monitoring during normal operation. Keeping spare parts on hand also reduces the downtime from emergency breakdowns in the future.

Equipment that is being used until it fails is called a reactive plan, which causes serious problems with normal operations. A reactive plan is not only lost production time; it is also very costly for the following reasons:
    1) Parts not on hand must be air-freighted, provided the parts are available from the factory. In most cases, you must wait four to six weeks for delivery.

    2) There is not enough maintenance personnel available at time of breakdown.

A proactive plan is by all means better than the reactive plan. Our Proactive Maintenance Program will save you down time and costly repairs.

Contact our service department for a quote on a plan that fits your requirements.

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